Writing a detailed support case makes it easier for the Google Support team to respond to you quickly and efficiently. When your support case is missing critical details, we need to ask for more information, which takes additional time. This guide lets you know the information we need to resolve your technical support case, so we can resolve it faste

Describing the issue

The best issue reports are both detailed and specific. They tell us what happened and what you expected to happen. A good issue report contains the following details:

  • Description of the problem that you encounter
  • Time: The specific timestamp when the issue began.
  • Product: The product(s) and feature(s) associated with the issue.
  • Procedure of how to recreate the problem
  • Reference of the item that cuases the issue.
  • Error Message
  • Screenshot

Good Examples:

Starting at Thursday, we observed that we can no longer create items in Business Central.
I've tried to create a new item "Coffee Mug", by clicking on the "New" button in them "Item" list but receive the following error message: "The Item is not valid."

Ongoing since 8th August, I cannot post the purchase invoice PFSI-10005 in Business Central.
I created the document successfully, but when I try to "preview" the posting, I receive the following error message "Please provide an quantity for this invoice.".

Bad Examples:

  • It's not working
  • I have a problem
  • I cannot work
  • ...