This documentation describes how to assign a transfer receipt to an item charge for a purchase invoice. Please proceed with the following steps :

1. Edit an existing purchase invoice or create a new one :

2. Purchase invoice must have item charge lines assigned :

3. To assign transfer receipt to an item charge, use the function "Item Charge Assignment" from the menu "More options > Line > Related Information > Item Charge Assignment" :

4. A new window opens with all receipts already assigned to the item charge. To add a new transfer receipt, click on the function "Get Transfer Receipt Lines" from the menu "More options > Actions > Get Transfer Receipt Lines) :

5. A new window opens with all available transfer receipts (you can filter on P100 to have all relevant lines for this case). For each line you have information about external lot number, lot number, etc. You can select one or several lines and click on “OK” button.

Be aware that P100 are estimated and have final values at the end of the month. If you assign transfer receipt during the month, you have to pay attention there isn’t adjustment till the end of the month :

At the bottom of the window you have following information:

- Assignable total quantity and total amount: correspond to the quantity and total defined on the item charges;
- To assign total quantity and total amount: depends on the quantity you have assigned for each transfer receipt;
- Remaining total quantity and total amount: should be zero after you assigned each receipt transfer line.